How to Grow your TikTok Account Quickly

If you do marketing on TikTok, you certainly would like to booster your account and add more free followers as quickly as possible. Then, how can you attract more followers in a short period? Yeah, your content must be of high quality, be creative and unique.

TikTok’s Ranking Algorithm

Apart from the video creation, the other thing you should know is TikTok’s ranking algorithm. How does TikTok assign the traffic to the individual video?

According to the latest research, TikTok would rank your videos, in reference to the following 4 metrics, Likes, Comments, Repost, and Viewing.

If you just upload a new video, TikTok will assign some bonus free traffic to test how your video performs in front of the audience. This initial free traffic is a bonus given to TikTok users. TikTok will decide the proper position of your videos according to the feedback out of those initial audience.

In another word, TikTok will rank your videos, by referring to the likes, comments, repost and views you received from the initial free traffic.

Then, the solution comes down to these four metrics, likes, comments, reposting and viewing. How can we increase them by as much as possible? I am going to share a few useful tips here.

  1. You can add words either at the beginning or end of your video, to remind viewers to like, comment, or reposting your videos.
  2. In the video description section, you can raise some questions to engage with viewers, and guide them to comment or like your videos;
  3. You can reply to the comments left by others, and extend the topics, so as to attract more users to be involved in the comments activities;
  4. You should allow some time to prepare your comments in advance. Your comments quality will largely decide how many more comments to be followed. You can ask your friends to start the first few comments, so to extend topics for more comments.

Friends or families around are always your best resources to initiate your TikTok tour.

BGM is the Soul for TikTok success

BGM, background music, is the key to affect how the viewers rate your videos.

Music has different beats and rhythms, and the human body also has various physiological rhythms, such as pulse and breathing. If they cooperate well, the music can adjust the physiological rhythm.

The human body has a clear instinct to the music rhythm. The speed of the music rhythm can drive the rhythm of body movements.

We can use music to dominate the physiology of people and influence their emotions, so as to achieve the goal of raising the body.

There are two ways to dominate emotions with music: one is the music that meets expectations. This scene is matched with this music, which can just arouse people’s emotions and resonate.

The other is to reverse magic. What does that mean? All the curiosity and anticipation of the music were accumulated with tense and exciting music, but the result was unexpectedly reversed. That is what we call “Reverse Magic”.

Good Content Copy can add more bonus

Although people’s attention is mainly focused on the video picture, have you noticed when watching TV, even if the male and female speakers are in English, you will still subconsciously watch the subtitles. Especially for variety shows, an excellent word copy can add a lot of points. By refining the essence, setting suspense, highlights notices, true feelings, and tongue-tonguing the text content, the video lets users swipe through without being aware of time-lapse.

When you publish is also important

If you play TikTok for long, you should hear the

In the TikTok group, the most popular time for video publishing is summarized in four words called “four times and two days”.

The so-called “two days” refers to two days on weekends. The so-called “four moments” refers to four time periods from Monday to Friday:

7-9 am:

At this time, most people just wake up or bored on the way to work. Most likely, most people will check TikTok videos for fun at this time.

12-13 pm:

I have been busy all morning, and I can work or go to school. I can finally take a break and take the time to eat to tremble and see if my favorite little brother and sister have been updated.

16-18 pm:

This time is mainly aimed at office workers. At four or five o’clock in the afternoon, the daily work is almost done. There is time to relax with the TikTok and waiting for the finish.

21-22 pm:

After finishing school or work, you can finally lie down on the bed. What are you doing now? TikTok is right in your hands to consume some time.

These 4 publishing moments are only used as a reference. You need to try to upload videos in different time periods to find the most active time for your followers, and finally fix it to form your own posting habit.

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