Best Strategy to Post TikTok Short Videos

TikTok is a social platform where users can shoot and customize their favorite music videos with no longer than 60 seconds. Therefore, to succeed and earn more free followers on TikTok, you are supposed to learn how to publish videos on TikTok. What are the best strategies for videos going viral on TikTok?

10 Points that you should Know Before Publishing TikTok Videos

  1. The content in your video, including clips picture, subtitle, should comply with the TikTol policy. Therefore, it is wise to learn the TikTok local policies and terms, before you post anything.
  2. If your TikTok is new, your short videos would be censored by the TikTok team. Just allow enough patience as it might be taking a bit longer for the new account.
  3. A suitable BGM is a must-have. TikTok does exist for the types of music videos, so the matched background music to your videos can always impress your fans.
  4. When you customize your video, just do not add any black frame, and try to adapt the vertical form for publishing.
  5. The video title and leading words are the utmost part. To a great extent, the title words will decide if the audience will keep watching your videos.
  6. You should challenge the hot topics on TikTok. The TikTok challenge is the kind of activity that many competitors participate in. TikTok will publish two topics one day, so participatory can get involved to produce the short videos around these topics. The best-performed video will gain the most exposure.
  7. Your newly published video would be assigned some free traffic by TikTok. However, this free traffic might be delayed to reach by a few hours or even much later. So, just give more patience.
  8. You should master what time is best to publish videos. Just track and learn when the targeted audience is most active. In common cases, the 11 am, 6 pm and 9 pm are the three best moments to exposure your videos.
  9. Try whatever you can to increase the followers, likes, shares, and views for your video. These four metrics would decide how long your short videos can receive free organic viewing. The more, the longer. Referring to How to Get Free TikTok Followers
  10. TikTok encourages the real videos, saying the videos made by the real person. The real actors should appear and engage in the videos. TikTok will align more authority to these types of videos.


There are many different tips and tricks that can help you go viral on TikTok. We will keep discussing other posts in the future. The key just does not spread your concentration at first. Be focus and sharp on either video producing or marketing, are always the key to success in a short period.

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