How to Get TikTok Free Followers No Survey or Apps Download

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social apps in recent years. TikTok is a social platform to shoot and share short music videos. The TikTok app was launched in September 2016 and is a 60-second short video with music BGM (background music), mainly targeting at young people community. Users can select songs through the application and shoot 60-second short videos to produce their videos being accompanied by background music.

If you would like to gain more exposure to your videos, you need more followers and likes, just like many other social platforms, e.g Instagram and Youtube. If you just start playing TikTok, it is safe to warm up your account by attracting more followers at the beginning. TikTok encourages the users to gain followers and fans naturally, saying if you create high quality and unique videos, you would be getting viral and earning large numbers of free followers in a very short time.

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However, the majority of users might not have enough patience but would like to get free followers as soon as possible. There are many different methods to increase Tik Tok followers in a short period. You can either buy many followers and likes or use tools and tricks to increase followers for free online. Today, I am going to share with you what I know for how to grow your Tik Tok account by gaining more free followers without hassle.

Why No One View my Videos? Learn the TikTok Ranking Algorithm

Before you try to play with Tik Tok, you are suggested to learn how TikTok rank the videos for the organic searching.

Yeah, you might already guess if you are familiar with other social applications, like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc. All these have no much big difference in terms of ranking. They all have to consider some key metrics, like followers, fans, likes, comments, etc. TikTok is no exception, as it will rank the videos by referring to the videos’ likes, comments, shares, views and account followers.

TikTok’s ranking algorithm is what we call “Traffic Horse Racing”. What is that supposed to mean? Let me explain.

When you upload a new video, TikTok will assign it to some free traffic. These initial free traffic will work as a tester to learn how your video performs, in comparison with other similar videos. The free traffic from TikTok can help the system to gather the initial ranking metrics data, then decide how your video should be ranked.

In this way, as long as the various metrics of the video are good enough, your video should be ranked highly and keep getting organic searching traffic from viewers. Conversely, if a certain metric, like comments, fans, likes or followers, is beaten by your competitors, your video would be outranked by others.

As you can see, to rank a TikTok video is also a process of gaining more fans, likes, and comments. Once your video is going viral, you can easily attract more free followers almost instantly.

How to Get Free TikTok Followers for 2020

How do you get free TikTok followers? Well, if you are planning to grow your TikTok account naturally, I am here to share with you some useful tips. Get free Tik Tok followers day by day.

Good Username

First of all, you must give a nice and meaningful username for your TikTok account. A good username is indispensable for fans. A nice and meaningful username can attract more fans for sure.

Personal Profile

During the registration process, you should fill up your personal information as much as possible. So, viewers can learn you better. The personal profile is one of the best pages to market yourself at the beginning. So, please do not neglect it.

Your First Video

You should prepare and publish some new and funny videos at first. The first impression is always the key to earn more followers and likes.  Just do not miss your first chance to impress your fans.

Being Engaged in Comments

Trying to be active and engaged.  It is essential to interact and communicate more with your fans in the comments section. Being involved in comments is always good to earn your fans more following and likes.

Free Gifts for Followers

If you have some small gifts, like small toys made by yourself, give them free to your fans. In return, they will be loyal to you for longer.

Following Each Other

Trying to follow your followers’ fans, being engaged with them. That is also an effective way to add more followers.

Chasing the Hot Videos

If you have no idea of what types of video you should shoot, you can do the searching and research first. Just see what videos are mostly being viewed and shared now. In this way, you can highly increase the chance of your first video success.

Mother-Child Play

To warm up your TikTok quickly, you can play with the mother-child method. Saying, you have one main account (mother account), then create or buy a few child accounts. Once you publish any video, just try to use these child accounts to comment. This method will get more fans engaged in the comments section.

Other Social Groups’ Driving

You can create a group for your TikTok niche on other social platforms, e.g Facebook group, Skype group, etc. You can guide members to follow your TikTok account. As the groups are in the same niche, so the members should share the same or similar interests. It won’t be hard to see they follow and like your TikTok videos.

Music Platform Sharing

The music genre is the most outstanding feature of TikTok videos. All short videos published there are always accompanied by astonishing music in the background. Therefore, to get more free followers, you can try that music sharing websites or forums. Many music fans will certainly love to join your videos show.

Blog Website Driving

If you can create a blog website, that would be a great platform to exposure your TikTok videos. Just try to publish niche related topics on the blog constantly. Those blog posts will attract highly targeted viewers to follow your TikTok.

Get Free TikTok Followers No Survey, No Apps Download, No Verification

If you search online, there are many generators online claiming to get you many free followers or likes to your TikTok account.

However, those online generator tools do not always work. Sometimes, the generating process is interrupted by the online survey, apps download or human verification. In most cases, many generating would come to end with nothing. You should learn how to identify the real followers’ generators from those fake ones.

We have developed a unique TikTok tool to help users get more free followers. They can also add more likes to your videos. Using our online generator tool, you don’t have to pay any cent, it is free. If you want to increase your followers to your TikTok account instantly, just feel free to try our tool.

As the tool is uploaded into our dedicated server, all generating have proceeded in a VPS server. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any survey or apps download. As long as you follow the steps displayed on the page, your free followers would be generated and added to your Tik Tok account instantly.

The system will automatically verify the users’ ID, so there is no human verification involved. However, we also integrate the anti-bot system to prevent the server from attacking. Human verification would be automatically initiated if the bot constantly attacks the system recently. If you do not want to bother with human verification, you should try at another time.

Is it safe to use our online free followers’ generator? Yeah, the overall process is undertaken in a dedicated VPS server, and all data transmitted between the server and user account are encrypted. We highly respect the information and data privacy.

High-Quality Content is the King to Win more Free Followers

Just like any other SEO marketing, TikTok short videos should also concentrate on the content. To benefit the huge traffic, every TikTok user expects its videos going viral. However, going viral won’t be that easy, unless your video is unique, professional and very creative.

In another word, if your video is flooded by huge traffic, those free followers would be flown in naturally and constantly, without any finger effort. Therefore, to put down more effort into video creation is also the foundation to do TikTok marketing.

What types of video should you create at first? To be honest, if you never produce any video either on TikTok or on Youtube, you should not produce anything for any granted. I would suggest you search and research across TikTok channels. Try to dig out what types of videos are being popular and most liked nowadays. Then, come back to combine with your interests and capability, and try to shoot similar videos as the first try.